Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Gadget Guy Meets Logger Jim

As I'm typing this I'm surrounded by 16 track Mackie mixer, Crown amps, Motu, Ipad, Droid, Jabra (charging), and Tom Tom (downloading content).  What can I say?  I'm a gadget guy.  I'm notified, tethered, and GPS'd sitting in my home made DJ Man Cave.  Laptop on the TV hooked into Hulu, Comcast, Netflix, Facebook, and Youtube.  Oh yes, theres my family that walks by off and on.  The dogs look for attention. 

I've had people tell me that I'm crazy to flap my ass out here like this.  The 'others' will break through my security, steal my identity, and become Dennis Martinez.  I think I have more of a chance being beaten up at a Starbucks.  Last week I was pulling up to my favorite Starbucks before work.  Two other Starbuckians (is that a word?) are turning in from other directions.  Ha!  I step on it and cut into the lane crooked.  A woman pulls up next to me and starts yelling at me through her window.  I have my music up so all I can see is this irate woman cussing (i think).  I must have taken her spot.  She flips me off, I flip her off, I put my thumbs in my ears and wiggle my fingers while wagging my tongue at her.  A week passes by and after I've pulled out of the pass through window at Starbucks I see someone has parked in the exit lane with a truck.  Some Neanderthal with a checkered logger shirt comes up to my window and says, "Remember that woman that you wagged your tongue at last week?"  I looked at him with a vacant look.  "Well that woman was my wife you asshole!  Come on get out of the car I'm going to kick your ass!"  No way am I going to tussle with some logger dude out in from of Starbucks.  I hit the gas and make it through the small space behind his truck. 

My point is:  You're more likely to have some kind of problems with someone road raging you, breaking into your house, dog biting you, than someone pilfering your identity online. 

Just sayin.....


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gotta love saturday morning's.

Dell Sucks

Spent most of Friday working with my new souped up PC for Revit.  I have a bitch about what Dell has been doing sending out incomplete PC packages.  For one they have 3 connections for monitors but only 2 will work at the same time.  What's up with that?  These guys will scrimp to save money any way they can at the expense of the consumer.