Thursday, September 29, 2005

On Vacation

What is a vacation? Leisure time from work? Hmmm... why is this 'leisure time' always filled with things to do? Just because a guy has some spare time does not mean that everyone (mostly women that fill now is the time to get the poor guy to do all those things that she thinks he should do) needs to start planning his time off.

My idea of leisure time is sitting on my ass playing my guitar, drinking espresso, and doing my home recording. I let my beard grow, stay up until daybreak, sleep late into the afternoon, and generally become a slob. My vacation has started and I have two weeks to be a slob. Now what can a slob do....

Monday, September 12, 2005

Barney Versus Gilligan

It was Sunday afternoon and my friend Christop and I were sitting at a local Coffee Bistro sipping on Lattes and talking smack. Amid the talk of World Domination, Grammatology, New Orleans, and other modern day issues we talked about what we watch at 6:30 am in the morning while we get ready for work. Nick at Night changes up their menu with The Munsters, Bewitched, etc. They also show The Andy Griffith Song and Gilligan's Isle. We both agreed that these last two were our favorites but what we couldn't agree on is which one was better. Christop insisted on The Andy Griffith Show and I thought that Gilligan's Isle was the superior show.

"I tell ya Christop it's Gilligan's Isle because of 'Gilligan'. He's thrown on this little isle with his buddy the Skipper with 'others' that he doesn't know. He makes the best of it. He doesn't care that he's without civilization, he becomes one with the island."

"Naw it's Barney that the mensch." Christop responded. "Andy slides along without any problems or issues. Barney is the Gadfly. He always is bringing up the alternative viewpoint. He point out the unthought of. If he was in politics he would be Samuel Adams."

Christop had a good point but I counter, "It is Gilligan that's the true hero. He embraces the World even though it floats along in an Ocean that is unknown to all on the island. He says 'Yes' resoundingly to the horrors, the uncertainties, the violence, and the solitude of the island. Even though Barney is the Gadfly that shakes language and spurs thought, he is also the lone individual destined to be the bachelor without the feminine traits to go with the ebb and flow of Nature. Gilligan is the 'Ubermensch' destined to plant his seed and become one with the island."

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Where Does The Money Go?

I really am happy to see the out pouring of care, good will, and money going to the releif efforts down in New Orleans. However, I am cynical about how effective the conduit of getting money donated to actual victims of the catastrophe. Why? It's the track record. How many times have we seen the news about monies misappropriated? What's different here?

Sunday Afternoon

Hi to all my family and friends!!!